Many years ago, at the tender age of 24, after spending the summer touring Europe on my trusty motorbike, I managed to land a job working for a National Motorcycle Training School. I was unaware at that time how this would channel my life for years to come. Although working for a big company came with some advantages, I decided to go alone, spending the next 10 years building up an extremely successful Motorcycle School in Bournemouth responsible for training hundreds upon thousands of fellow bikers. During this time, another of my passions evolved and back in 2002 I set up my current Off Road Motorcycle School.

I sold Passchool in 2005, leaving me plenty of time to concentrate on my Off Road School. This takes us up to the current date…After nearly two decades of Motorcycle Training, I still enjoy it as much now as I did all those years ago. I’ve purchased some brand new KTM Motorbikes and have started a unique Off Road Training School, using a philosophy of ‘Training Made Simple’, assessing everyone individually, tailoring courses to suit and taking the time to make a difference.

Paul Sheehan, Proprietor, Excess Energy